Richor Wang (王诗韵) currently works as a UI&UX designer in HSBC.

Before that, she worked for Tencent and frog, graduated from Musashino Art University, Waseda University and Fudan University, and was born in Shanghai.

She loves typography, photography, writing, music, games and cats.


✉️ richor.gm+gmail.com


2022.7 - now, Guangzhou

UI/UX Designer @HSBC

2021.6 - 2022.5, Guangzhou

UI/UX Designer @Tencent

2018.4 - 2021.4, Tokyo

B.A. Design Informatics @Musashino Art University

2017.12 - 2018.3, Shanghai

Contract Designer @frog Shanghai

2015 - 2017, Tokyo

B.A. Politics @Waseda University

2012 - 2017, Shanghai

B.A. Communication @Fudan University